Our Mission

Restored creates content that gives practical advice to teens and young adults on how to cope and heal after their parents’ divorce or separation, so they can feel whole again and thrive in every area of life.

Why was Restored started?

At age 11, Joey's parents separated. They miraculously reunited a year and a half later. Then after 10 more years of marriage, his parents sadly began an ugly, three-year divorce.

Through it all, Joey experienced firsthand the pain and problems that result from divorce. Aside from his own experience, he saw the impact it had on his siblings too.

In searching for help, he found that practical resources for teens and young adults from divorced or separated families were practically nonexistent. On the flip side, resources and support for divorced parents were available. He realized the sad truth that just like during the divorce, the kids are often forgotten after the divorce. And so, inspired to help people like him and his siblings, he created Restored.

Joey isn’t a psychologist and he doesn't have a Ph.D. What he does offer is 15 years of experience wrestling with this stuff, 10 years of spiritual director/coaching, 5 years of counseling, and 3 years of listening to people like him and researching how divorce affects the children.

As the founder and president of Restored, Joey received his bachelors degree in Finance from Franciscan University of Steubenville and MBA from Benedictine College. His articles have been featured on various blogs such as the Chastity Project, the Culture Project, FOCUS, and in Shalom Tidings Magazine. Joey lives in Colorado with his wife, Brigid.


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