Is Anxiety Wrecking Your Life?


Anxiety is crippling.

Anxiety puts your mind on a hamster wheel and keeps it running. It steals your peace and never lets you rest. If you've gone through periods of feeling anxious, you know how hellish and uncomfortable it is. In my life, I've experienced seasons where my anxiety was through the roof, especially during my parents' separation and divorce. It's horrible and I never wish it upon anyone.

So, what can you do about anxiety?

Fr. Mike Schmitz tackles that question. He begins by saying, "What are the things that kill peace?" In short, he says that inaction, a lack of trust in God, and sin steal your peace. He goes on to share the solution to undoing anxiety in this podcast titled Be At Peace (25:51 min). (If you'd like to listen on the go, you can find the episode for iPhones here and Android here.)

Disclaimer: There are certain types of extreme anxiety that deserve the clinical help of a counselor or psychiatrist. However, before turning to those options, give what Fr. Mike suggests a try for a short period of time, maybe a month or two. Still not working? Look for a good Catholic counselor or psychiatrist.