Olympic athletes know that if they want to become great at their sport, they need a coach or multiple coaches. Similarly, if you want to learn to skydive, you need an instructor to teach and guide you.

To find healing so you can become whole and thrive in life, you need a coach. There's no shame in that - no more than an Olympian or professional athlete having coaches.

If you'd like to inquire about finding a spiritual director or counselor, please fill out the form below. At this time, we are collecting inquiries while we build a network of Catholic therapists trained in helping teens and young adults from divorced or separated families find healing, and a separate network for authentically Catholic spiritual directors. We will inform you once we have recommendations!

Please note: Spiritual direction and counseling are not the same. Spiritual direction is aimed at helping you grow spiritually, find spiritual healing, and discern God's will in your life, while counseling is aimed at emotional and psychological healing. Both are extremely important to becoming whole and thriving in life.

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